About Aquamaids

The Aquamaids have been producing world-class synchronized swimmers and Olympic athletes since 1964. During the club’s 52-year history, our athletes have won over numerous National and World titles. The Aquamaids have produced 24 Olympians, have 5 Olympians coaching, and each year continue to train swimmers to compete in the top national and international events. The Aquamaids also have the opportunity to secure incredible scholarships to some of the best schools in the country, including Stanford University and Ohio State University.

The Aquamaids organization not only builds great athletes, we build great people too. Our coaches and staff create a fun yet educational environment to help set up young girls to become more successful later in life. Synchronized swimming is one of the most challenging and physically demanding sports out there, while also allowing girls to be glittery, fun and graceful. The sport shows our athletes that you can be girly while still being a world class athlete in one of the toughest sports around. The ability to translate verbal instruction into elegant movement that our team acquires builds critical thinking skills and the confidence, discipline and social skills instilled in all of our athletes translates over to many areas of the girls’ lives.